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Airline Companies

A wide choice of airline companies that ensure your trip to Mauritania.

Tel: (222)5252721, (222)5252211 fax : (222)5256470.
Agence Centrale : Tel: (222)5252212, (222)5252218, (222)5258098, (222)5253669.
Nouakchott: N° 451Rue 42- 039, B.P:62
Tel.:(222)5253916, (222)5294440
Fax: (222)5257759
Tel: (222)5253090; (222)5253564, (222)5253648
Nouakchott, B.P: 836,
Tel. /fax: (222) 5252059
Nouakchott, Tel.: (222)5258763
Nouakchott, Lot n° 17 Av. De Gaulle
Tel.:(222) 525 05 84, (222) 529 13 47

International Liaisons

From Montréal:
  • Paris-Montréal: Air France, Air Canada, everyday
  • Paris Nouakchott: par Air Mauritanie et Air France, five flights every week
  • Montréal-Casablanca: par vols Royal Air Maroc : twice each week
  • Casablanca-Nouakchott: par Air Mauritanie, Royal Air Mauritanie, four flights every week
From Toronto:
  • Toronto-Paris: par Air France, British Airways, Air Canada.
  • Paris Nouakchott: par Air Mauritanie et Air France, five flights every week
From Vancouver:
  • Vancouver-Paris: par Air France, British Airways, Air Canada.
  • Paris Nouakchott: par Air Mauritanie et Air France, five flights every week
From Edmonton:
  • Edmonton-Londres, Edmonton-Paris: par British Airways, Air Canada.
  • Paris Nouakchott: Air Mauritanie et Air France, cfive flights every week
From New York:
  • New York-Paris: par Air France, British Airways.
  • Paris-Nouakchott: par Air Mauritanie et Air France, five flights every week
  • New York-Casablanca: par Royal Air Maroc, two flights every week
  • Casablanca-Nouakchott: par Air Mauritanie, Royal Air Maroc, four flights every week
  • Accès directs aussi par Dakar, Tunis, Alger, Bamako, Abidjan, Cotonou, Las Palmas.

Practical Advises

Before entering Mauritania, there is some important information that you will require in order to have a pleasant stay:

Climate & Health

The Mauritanian environment is dry and arid, but generally considered as healthy. The vaccine against the yellow fever is mandatory for any stay that lasts more than 15 days. An anti-paludal treatment is strongly advised. We recommend that you consult your doctor before your departure or that your present yourself to any Travel Health Clinic.

Please note the existence of medical centers in every local community as well as, hospitals located in the big cities (Nouakchott, Nouadhibou, Zouerate, Atar, Rosso, Kaédi, Kiffa, Néma, Tidjikja).


Mauritania has an open market concerning currency. Nevertheless, tourists must declare any currency they may have in their possession to Customs. A declaration will be set forth. This declaration will allow the visitor to use any currency and will enable he or she to justify its use at the end of their stay. It is recommended to exchange any currency at banks or with authorized intermediaries: foreign exchange offices, hotels... The national currency is the Ouguiya (UM). Traveler’s checks are accepted in all foreign exchange offices. There are no ATM machines. Credit cards are accepted by a limited number of large institutions; banks, travel agencies, airlines…..Although, this situation is evolving at a rapid pace.

Personal Effects

Any illegal substances such as drugs are prohibited and will be harshly punished. In Mauritania, alcohol consumption is forbidden for Muslims. A non-Muslim must refrain from transporting or distributing alcohol, but alcohol consumption is permitted to non-Muslims in designated areas such as: hotels and restaurants. Cameras and camcorders are permitted. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid taking pictures or filming certain places: barracks, airports, protected buildings. The making of any movie or documentary necessitates an authorization from the Minister in charge of information. The visitor must abstain from distributing components, books, pamphlets, cassettes that could be viewed as religious propaganda, of proselytism.


For more information, please consult the following Web site that lists hotels.

Restaurants & Markets

We invite you to follow the link on the following Web site of the Islamic republic of Mauritania.

Travel Agencies

A certain number of travel agencies can be viewed online on the following Web site of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

In addition, you may address any questions to the following agencies (these links are for your information only, we do not guarantee their contents):
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