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A business environment favorable to investments saw the light of day in Mauritania by the wide liberalization of the economy during the last few years. Testimony has been heard on the position of Mauritania in relation to the economic liberty, since Mauritania has placed itself among the ten first countries of the world in terms of economic liberty. The country ranks 67th on the worldwide classification (2,94), 1st place is attributed to countries situated in West Africa and the 5th position belongs to all the countries of sub-saharian Africa. The Investment Code drafted in 2002 leaves room for economic freedom. Please feel free to visit the following Web site of Ministère des affaires économiques et du développement (

Furthermore, we encourage everyone to consult the following document " Guide de l’Investisseur " written by the Ministry of economic affairs and development (Ministère des affaires économiques et du développement)

This practical guide enunciates not only the reasons to invest in Mauritania, the commercial context, the multiple opportunities, the statutory framework as well as, the point of view from the private sector, the creation of free trade zones, a customs system with partial and even total exemption on the rights relating to exportation, a simplified procedure to a declaration of investment, the absence of restrictions based on the origin of the investment, the juridical equality between all investors. The right to recruit expatriates is an important attraction to encourage investments in Mauritania.
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